Sell anything to Anyone, anywhere!

Today, it isn’t enough to just sell on your website. Customers are now browsing and reviewing products on multiple online  and offline sales channels. So be present on as many channels as possible to ensure you are in front of your customers everywhere! Ignite helps you expand your reach while also scaling your operations to meet the demands of a true multi-channel commerce engine.

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Your Online Store just a click away

Get your customized online store within minutes and start selling to your customers wherever they may be.

Provide convenience to your customers with a Safe & Secure platform for payments and shipping and facilitate their needs through one on one interaction.

Point of Sale

Your best In-Person Store Solution

Ignite enables you to connect your online store with several point of sale service providers. Ignite provide a built-in POS to ensure that all in-store and online orders and inventory are automatically synced  and centralized in the cloud, saving you time, and enhancing your sales cycle and customer’s experience.

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Sell Everywhere

Sync up your Ignite. store and start selling across various social Media to get your business recognized across different social platforms.

Get your Ignite store to reach out to your customers through Instagram, facebook, WhatsApp and snapchat.

Don’t share, simply sell! Get your shopable Instagram and Facebook posts in easy clicks.

Shop App

Put your online store in your customer's palm!

Ignite enables you to have your own Storefront as a mobileApp that is fully synced with your main inventory engine. Use in-app Push Notifications to send personalized offers in real-time and gently push your customers towards conversions.

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Get your business recognized across multiple platforms!

Get your business to reach out to your customers through marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Noon, Daraz. Grow your business and come together with other vendors to sell your products or services to a curated customer base. Set up your own shop and start selling!