Managed Services

Your business needs are simplified. By combining your business work into one company, you can avoid the hassle of making calls to multiple vendors and organizing the different services they each offer. In Managed services you’ll get a more efficient and integrated solution

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Product Management

Stop the hassle of tracking, entering, and managing products and leave us room for that. In Product Management, we will review and update the inventory, prices, discounts and offers in a professional and scheduled manner on your behalf.

Order Management

By subscribing to the professional order management service, we will follow up your orders from the moment they arrive until they are packed and delivered according to your pre-defined strategy.

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Logistics & Fulfilment Management

We take care of the process of fulfilling customers’ orders, logistics and shipments, coordinate storing them in your or others warehouses, packing them if needed and delivering them on time.

Financial Reconciliation

Tired of checking and matching your sales accounts and identifying the differences between them? In the financial reconcilement service, we match the financial operations of your online store and all its transactions, whether incoming or outgoing in everything related to sales, payment gateways and banks.

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Analytics & Reporting

In the reporting service, we create and schedule reports for your business, including but not limited to inventory, products, sales, taxes, and customers, and send them to you according to a specific schedule as you wish. We can also build business intelligence reports to help you envision the future, based on current data.

Customer Support

In the technical support feature, we establish your own technical support channels. You are also provided with support clients to follow up on your clients in terms of operational, sales and technical problems according to a pre-set schedule and working hours based on the nature of your work.

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Marketplace Management

In Marketplace management, we create and manage your own accounts on the local and international marketplaces such as Noon, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Daraz etc. This service includes creating accounts, increasing and diversifying product catalogs, uploading and displaying your products, monitoring stock and inventory and linking it to your store and warehouse, coordinating with other service providers like shipment and payment on delivery, returns and refunds and all what it takes for the success and increasing popularity of your storefront.

Channel Management

Managing the social sales channels related to your online store by controlling the display of products, managing sales and monitoring stock, linking them to the online store, running promotions and managing discounts, returns, and coordinating with other related departments.

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Marketing and Sales Optimization

By following the latest marketing and sales strategies, we assist you in building marketing campaigns, whether online or traditional, through leading marketing techniques such as paid ads, improving search results, activating digital marketing tools, text messages campaigns, and emails to boost the efficiency of the online store and attract the largest possible number of visitors and promote for them.