Let's Manage Business, better.

Streamline management and run your business efficiently, from one powerful Commerce platform. Ignite makes it seamless to incorporate every part of your supply chain, from customer purchase to fulfillment.

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Your control Center

Control everything seamlessly from a single dashboard with centralized inventory, order management, pricing, and more.
View the details of your business through a single dashboard.

Track & Analyze the performance of your campaign on a marketing dashboard.


Take informed decisions

Get Data-Driven Insights. Review your sales success with detailed business analytics. Analyze your revenue, market, customer base and top-selling products.

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Using mobile app
Mobile Apps

Manage on the go!

With Ignite mobile app you have the freedom to manage your store from anywhere, at any time. View your orders, manage your products, add coupons and manage shipping and tax directly from your phone. 


Simply Get paid

Handle All Transactions in One Place Using Ignite engine or even others! Accept major debit/credit cards and other popular payment methods to offer a seamless checkout experience. Manage your business transactions from a single dashboard, including payments, payouts, refunds, chargebacks and more. Ignite provides competitive processing rates.

Mobile payment
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Deliver like Pros!

Give your customers flexible, convenient, and cost-effective delivery options, especially when it comes to the final mile. Ignite delivery options are easy and affordable, and businesses who want to stay ahead can best take advantage without negatively impacting their customer experience.


Strong Alone, Stronger Together.

We understand that nearly every business needs to interact with multiple platforms and systems. Most businesses operate within an integrated ecosystem, not just a standalone website. We have years of experience integrating and connecting businesses and working with different platforms and systems; Whether you are talking about building or connecting an existing service, such as building an off-duty data synchronization system, connecting a digital payment or shipping platform or third-party systems, or building custom integrations using an (API), we have you covered.

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Keeping the lights on

Don’t let cash flow and capital constraints get in the way of your sales growth. with friction-free cash flow and working capital solutions. Ignite helps their clients with variant micro-financing options without complicated documentation or visiting bank branches.